Travel to the preserved continent
28 days

Sailing Cruise in Antarctica

Duration : 28 days

Start and finish : Ushuaia

Price : € 12 900

Antarctica is the last place on Earth still preserved, the land of all extremes and the place that all the navigators and explorers of our century dream about.

We invite you on a journey into the world of penguins, seals and sea leopards, whales and orcas, to discover the most beautiful sights of the Antarctic Peninsula.

After passing Cape Horn, we will embark on the famous Drake Passage, which leads to Antarctica. Three to four days of crossing accompanied by giant albatrosses, to reach another planet. The arrival is striking when you can see the snow-capped peaks of Antarctica.

Your first iceberg will be etched forever in your memory.

Once in the area, we will go from anchorage to anchorage, each more beautiful than the other, slaloming between ice and icebergs, in search of whales and orcas.

The moorings will be the occasion of some landings to approach penguins, seals or elephant seals, and also to visit the scientific bases or remains left by explorers of the early 20th century.

You will particularly appreciate the space and comfort of Marama, the privilege of being just a few on board, while being part of the expedition.

Do you dream of seeing Antarctica ? Be careful, because you might have an even bigger dream when you return! Blue icebergs, cracking glaciers, whale sightings, thousands of penguins and the soft colours of the poles often remain deeply etched in the minds of those who see them.

Antarctica in video

Ski Sailing cruise aboard the sailboat TARKA, MARAMA’s little brother.

Highlights of the Antarctic Cruise

  • Sailing between gigantic icebergs and ice, and at the foot of huge glaciers.
  • Experiencing the continent of the extreme in the comfort and warmth of Marama. Beautiful moorings.
  • Exploring one of the most inaccessible regions in the world.
  • Observing wildlife up close : penguins, seals, sea leopards, whales, orcas,…
  • Crossing the Cape Horn and Drake’s Passage
  • Visiting historical sights and scientific bases
  • Enjoying the sun that hardly ever sets and seeing the ice take on magical hues

Gentoo penguin

An idea for an Antarctic route

Day 1

Departure from Ushuaia, Argentina to the small village of Puerto Williams in Chile, or to the anchorage of the Haberton Ranch (Estancia), in Tierra del Fuego.

Day 2

Departure for The Drake Passage or wait in Puerto Williams for a better weather window.

Days 3 to 7

Cape Horn Passage and Drake Crossing. This crossing aboard Marama is an unforgettable experience. On board one of the fastest and most comfortable sailboats, among the albatrosses and Cape petrels, you can take part in the shifts and take the helm if you wish.

Days 8 and 9

Generally we arrive in the Melchior Archipelago, which offers us an immediate and total immersion in the landscapes of the white planet. Walks ashore to stretch after the 3 days of crossing.

Day 10

Sailing among icebergs and whales to Nansen Island. Unique mooring called Enterprise due to the wreck on which we anchor ! 

Day 11

Exploring the ancient whaling plants around Enterprise, walks and dinghy rides to discover the wonders of Antarctica.

Days 12 and 13

Discover Paradise Bay and its huge glaciers. This bay has the right name. Indeed, the sea is often like a mirror, with the reflection of mountains and glaciers giving a heavenly air to this bay that whales particularly like. Visit the Chilean base Gonzales Videla.

Day 14

Crossing the Gerlache Strait to the port Lockroy anchorage. An idyllic place next to a colony of gentoo penguins. Many seals and sea leopards, waiting for small penguins…

Day 15

Visit the Port Lockroy Museum and your chance to send a postcard from Antarctica !

Day 16

We will sail up the strait of Le Maire (the famous “Kodak Valley”!) and we will anchor at Booth Island, on the site of the first wintering of Charcot with the sailboat Le Français. Superb walk ashore to the Charcot Cairn, from where the panoramic view of the iceberg cemetery is awe-inspiring.

Day 17

Visit Petermann Island (large colony of penguins) and anchor in the maze of the Pléneau Islets. The landscapes are always magical, zodiac ride in the iceberg cemetery.

Days 18 and 19

If the ice allows, we will go down even further south to the Ukrainian base Vernadsky. The anchorage is again sublime, many possible walks in zodiac and kayak. Of course we will visit our Ukrainian friends, who always welcome us with pleasure in the southernmost bar in the world to taste their vodka distilled on site. 

Days 20 to 21

We will then go up to the Gerlache and then to Cuverville or the Southern Shetlands if we have the time. We will return to the Melchior Archipelago or Deception Island to wait for a good weather slot for the return.

Days 22 to 26

Crossing the Drake Passage to Cape Horn, and anchoring in Tierra del Fuego or in one of the nearby islands.

Day 27

Arrive in Puerto Williams or at the Haberton Farm anchorage and celebration of our adventure!

Day 28

Arrival in Ushuaia.

Whales !

They can be everywhere around the boat...

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