Olivier LEHEC

Olivier LEHEC


Olivier will share his passion for the sea, navigation, and the southern and polar regions.

A former Telecom engineer, he graduated from the Sailing Pleasure Patron’s Patent (BPPV) and the Captain 200 Sailing Patent.

On board TARKA, a Levrier des Mers 18, he travelled the North Atlantic, the South Atlantic, the South Pacific, from Tahiti to Cape Horn, Patagonia and Antarctica, Greenland and Spitzbergen.

Specializing for 12 years in polar navigation, he will show you the most beautiful sights of the Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia and the canals of Patagonia aboard his new sailboat MARAMA.

With no worries about the boat or the navigation, you will only just have to fully enjoy your stay.

And it will be with great pleasure that Olivier will let you take charge of the maneuvers and the helm !

The violin being his second passion, all musicians are welcome on board with their instrument !



First Mate

Meet Bruno, a passionate skipper with big potential. 

Started as a video engineer, his passion for the sea started in the currents of the Morbihan Gulf and during the family summer cruises. He decided to get his captain’s license “200 voile” and now he is a professional skipper. 

Bruno is also an accomplished sportsman who loves defying nature’s elements while enjoying being surrounded by curious people eager to learn more about his job. 

He is pragmatic, utopist with a keen sense of humor and a positive attitude. Count on him to enjoy your time under any circumstances.  


Cook – Sailor


Meet Vivien, a professional chef with a diploma in French cuisine. He started his carrier in the south of France before moving around the entire country, sharing his food knowledge.

His passion for sailing started in “Bretagne”. Now, Vivien is ready to combine what he loves the most: cooking, sailing, and traveling.

Count on his chef’s skills to enlighten your taste buds with some of the French delicacies all in a very welcoming and warm environment.

Embark with us to live the adventure!