Cruise in the land of the Inuits
12 days

Sailing Cruise in Greenland

Duration : 12 days

Start and finish : Ilulissat

Price : € 5 900

It is an easy coastal cruise, accessible for everybody, which will take us to discover one of the most beautiful bays in Greenland, the Bay of Disko.

You will arrive by plane in Ilulissat, a small town located in the heart of our navigation zone, and you will be immediately immersed in the atmosphere of the Great North, with its glaciers and icebergs. (We will be north of the Arctic Circle : the sun does not set during the summer)

As soon as you arrive, you can take a walk to the Ilulissat Glacier, which is the largest glacier in the Northern Hemisphere.

During the cruise, we will be in a different anchorage every night, all alone or near a small village.

The walks are always fabulous, the panoramas grandiose. 

Navigation is easy and lasts as long as possible during the day, we often see whales.

For information, here are some stops that will be part of our navigation: Qasigianguit, Kitsidsunguit, Akunaq, Aasiaat, Kitsissuarssuit, Qeqertarssuaq, Kitdlit,…

You will particularly appreciate the space and comfort of Marama, the privilege of being a few people on board, while being part of the cruise.

Iceberg in Disko Bay

Among the largest icebergs on the planet…

The highlights of the Greenland Cruise

  • Sailing between gigantic icebergs and ice, and at the foot of huge glaciers.
  • Experiencing Greenland in the comfort and warmth of Marama. The moorings and walks are beautiful.
  • Meeting with the Inuit.
  • Seeing the ubiquitous whales.
  • Enjoying the sun that never sets and seeing the ice take on magical hues.

Example of itinerary

This is an indicative route, which we will adapt according to the weather and your wishes.

Disko Bay is surrounded by small fishing villages not to be missed, small houses of all colors, joined by wooden walkways.

The area is full of fish and shrimp. Nina, our cook, will be happy to prepare dishes based on fresh local produce.

You may be witnessing whaling, for which Greenlanders have an annual fishing quota. Seals are also found in local fishmongers.

But on board Marama we decided not to touch them. We prefer to admire the seals and the whales from the boat…

Whales !

They can be everywhere around the boat...

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