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Sailing Cruises in Antarctica, Cape Horn, Patagonia, South Georgia, Greenland, Spitzbergen, North West Passage

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Marama allows you to travel to the white continent, discover wild regions and meet exceptional marine life in the comfort of an amazing sailboat

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Sailing Cruises in Antarctica and Northwest Passage with MARAMA

After more than 12 years of sailing expeditions to Antarctica, Cape Horn, Patagonia, Greenland and Spitzbergen aboard TARKA, we now offer you the opportunity of new adventures aboard a fabulous expedition sailboat : MARAMA.

Exceptional in size (31 meters / 101 feet) which gives her outstanding comfort, MARAMA is also a magnificent boat, very fast and somehow quite simple to handle.

Exceptional boat, exceptional program ! First of all we will leave Brittany in October 2020, bound for Ushuaia, then we will embark for an Atlantic Crossing with the trade winds, from Canary Islands or Cape Verde to Brazil, and then with the possibility to stay on board or to join us for any of the next legs to the Falkland Islands, Cape Horn and Patagonia. The rest of the program is equally exciting : sailing cruises to Antarctica and to South Georgia, with kayaking, diving, skiing, or simply exploring wild life, icebergs and ice landscapes.

In 2022, we will travel back to Rio de Janeiro and New York City up to the famous Northwest Passage, in Northern Canada. This unique cruise aboard MARAMA will travel from Greenland to Alaska, then descending to Patagonia on the Pacific coast after a few stopovers such as Vancouver, San Francisco and Valparaiso.

Sailing Cruises in Spitzbergen with TARKA

For its part, TARKA the Greyhound of the Seas will continue to sail in the Great North and we offer you opportunities to embark during the spring/summer periods for cruises in the magical landscapes of Norway’s fjords and of the Lofoten Islands archipelago. You will sail from island to island and discover the most beautiful anchorages and the small Norwegian ports in the region.  The second leading destination will be the land of the polar bears : the island of Spitzbergen in the Svalbard archipelago, which has 3 200 bears for 2 000 inhabitants. Sailing in the middle of the ice, in search of bears, reindeers and snow foxes, but also superb treks are possible every day.


The professionnal crews of MARAMA and TARKA are here to ensure safety, comfort and serenity during your holidays.


MARAMA and TARKA are two exceptionnal sailboats, both designed to combine excitement and comfort.


Our sailing cruises take you to outstanding places, for dream holidays far away from the crowds…

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